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Honey Mesquite Wall Plaque with Shelves

  • $ 365.00
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One of a kind made by use.  This beautiful piece of honey mesquite wood with turquoise bits in epoxy filling veins and voids.  It is a piece of art itself.   Steel mounts with a ground finish attach this plaque to the wall.  Two glass shelves of ¼” glass inset in the wood and offset on the sides add more display function.  Display bud vase and flowers or favorite pictures or art pieces.  The natural beauty of the wood provides a lovely background for whatever you want to display.  The wood plaque’s back is bark on.  It is approximately 3’ tall and 2’ feet wide including the shelves.  We have made similar larger and small pieces using a variety of woods. If this gives you an idea for something you may want, contact us.  We'd love to build your one of a kind.