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Our journey began with the find of a 1920’s house on Verde Lane in Phoenix Arizona.  Fast forward almost 25 years of busy careers and tons of projects.  Some really fun, others not so much.  That vintage house on Verde Lane cemented our love of old houses, timeless interiors, the beauty of patina, and trolling for salvage materials and anything antique or vintage.  Oh, and did I mention dogs.  Can’t forget the love of dogs.

The journey has moved on to the Land of Enchantment.  Breathing new life into an old adobe, and watching the dogs romp in the endless high desert landscape of northern New Mexico fills the soul.  Along the way we have picked up some gems.  Some re-imagined and some just perfect the way they are.  Now we are lucky enough to be able to offer the finds and originals to you, wherever you are on your journey.

Verde Vintage Market features one of a kind vintage finds and vintage inspired and reimagined original designs for your home, office, business or workshop.  Restore, re-use, re-claim, and re-think what matters.

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Verde Vintage Market
Galisteo, New Mexico